2022 Summer Twilight #1 (May 31 and June 1)

Tuesday, May 31 Wednesday, June 1


Tues, May 30 Wed, June 1
6:00 PM DEC 100m 6:00 PM DEC 110H
6:15 PM OPEN 400m Men Only 6:05 PM OPEN 110H
6:30 PM OPEN 800m 6:15 PM OPEN 100H
8:45 PM DEC 400m 6:30 PM OPEN 100m
7:10 PM OPEN 200m
FIELD 7:30 PM OPEN 400mH Men Only
6:00 PM OPEN Pole Vault 8:15 PM OPEN 1500m
6:30 PM OPEN SP 8:45 PM DEC 1500m
6:30 PM DEC LJ
8:00 PM OPEN Hammer 6:00 PM OPEN MEN LJ
8:00 PM DEC HJ 6:30 PM DEC DT
7:00 PM OPEN Women LJ
7:15 PM OPEN DT Men Only
7:15 PM DEC PV
8:15 PM DEC JT
U12 (2011/2012) no events no events
U14 (2009/2010)   no events no events
U16 (2007/2008)   no events no events
U18 (2005/2006)   no events no events
U20 (2003/2004)   no events no events
Open (2008 and older):                       Decathlon Day One (100m, LJ, SP, HJ, 400m)




Shot Put


Decathlon Day Two (110mH, DT, PV, JT, 1500m)




100mH (Women)

110mH (Men)





Wheelchair:                                          no events no events

Younger athletes can enter the Open events, but keep in mind that the Senior specifications will be used and there will be a minimum height in HJ & PV.

  Tuesday, May 31 and Wednesday, June 1
Entry Link www.Trackiereg.com/2022YXE1
Entry Deadline
Monday, May 30th @
Late Entry Deadline
Monday, May 30th @ 8:00 pm
Really Late Deadline
After May 30th @ 8:00pm

Registration will be outside Phototiming Room 1.  Packages are picked up by club.  Please ensure you have a club representative at the track before your first athlete needs their number.

When you are warming up, please be aware of your surroundings as there are other athletes also warming up. By entering the track area, you are assuming the risks and responsibilities of being in the area.

Back To Sport Expectations
Masks are to be worn at all times except when actively competing. Masks are to be worn when warming up & cooling down. We are also requesting, for the safety of everyone in the room, that anyone entering the building take a Rapid Covid Test the day of the meet. Click HERE for the more than 600 locations where free kits can be picked up.

We ask that you arrive for your event and leave after your event. If you do not drive, only the driver of the vehicle you arrived in should enter the facility.  No other individuals should enter the facility.

Only competing athletes, who are actively warming up, competing, or cooling down, and officials are allowed on the infield.

For the safety of everyone, we encourage all participants, officials, and spectators to take a rapid Covid test prior to entering the facility. Click HERE for the more than 600 locations where free kits can be picked up. (We have intentionally mentioned this twice)

Out of an abundance of caution, for the safety of everyone, if you do not need to be in the facility, please stay at home.

No awards are presented at this meet.

All participants must be members of Saskatchewan Athletics, or their provincial branch of Athletics Canada, to compete in this meet, or a day pass from Saskatchewan Athletics. Contact Laura Young, Administrative Assistant of Saskatchewan Athletics, at (306) 664-6744 for more  information.